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Chad Martin


As a middle aged out of shape man I stepped into this looking for more than the repetition of lifting dead weights or running miles to nowhere on a treadmill or my neighborhood. After my first week, not just because it’s new, I feel a physical and mental renewal taking place. The teachers and higher level students are eager to accept and share what they know with great patience despite my shortcomings of knowledge and strength. I’m sold on it.

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Cynthia Davis


5 stars

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Jason Cobb


Great training environment for all skill levels. If you are brand new, they will take their time and teach you the right ways. Corners are not cut. I highly recommend anyone in the Greeneville area with interests in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to contact the gym as soon as possible!

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Doug Bishop


Great people with great teachers!

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Matthew Anderson


I went to my first class yesterday it was intense but I learned stuff I never knew till yesterday it was awesome got my but kicked a lot during sparring but what better way to learn then to lose so I can win later really nice people and very awesome instructor

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Michelle Starr


I will always recommend this location to anyone who visits Tennessee. It's awesome! It's amazing! And the environment was wonderful. Everytime I visit my grandmother, I will always go here for now on! Thank you Bud Jistu (Buddy) for welcoming me!

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